Traffic Services

AFIS Service

The flight information service is provided to all aircraft in contact on the 122.5 Mhz frequency regarding the conditions of use of the runway, circuit in use of reported traffic, barometric pressure values and ground wind values. This service is carried out with qualified professional personnel in direct “point to point” telephone contact with the radar operators of the Pisa CTR and with those of the Reporting Office of the 46th Air Brigade T.M.
The service covers the entire operation of the airport.

ARO Service and FPL

The company, by virtue of the AFIS service which it operates, forwards the flight plans and confirms acceptance by the competent body. This service is completed with the possibility of providing the pilot during the flight planning phase with any type of meteorological observation (METAR TAF) from any location, making use of the Air Force weather service or through ENAV.

Weather service

All the meteorological data recorded by the weather station at airfield, i.e. wind, pressure and temperatures, are provided through the AFIS operator. Further bulletins or weather briefings will be provided on request through the Pisa weather office or Enav’s Self Briefing service.