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Bar e restaurant

Airport restaurant

Open for lunch every day, except Tuesday, while the bar is open from 8.30 to 17.00 and in the summer until 19.00.
That evening, at dinner, we are open by reservation only by calling 333.6122451 or +39 0583 1710305.

Specialties of Campania and Tuscany every day, both fish (pasta beans and mussels, eggplant stuffed with fish, rock spaghetti, rice, potatoes and mussels, etc..) And ground (salad, chicken salad, beans all'uccelletta, torta caprese ).
There are plenty of hand-made cakes, such as the "Neapolitan pastiera"

On Friday, authentic and fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese (can also be purchased Advanced booking by Tuesday)

Business Lunch from € 6.50 (first or second choice with water and coffee) to the beginning of the sea, increase of € 2.
We accept food stamps.





Opening and closing


Bar: timetable from 08:30 to 17:00 until 19:00 in summer
        Closed: Tuesday

Ristorante: timetable from 12:00 to 15:00 every day
                    catering and dinner by reservation only at 333.6122451 or +39 0583 1710305.
                    Closed: Tuesday


La Chef AnnaGioia offers :

Gnocchi alla Sorrento
Fry a little 'garlic in a pan with a little oil, when the garlic is golden add the tomatoes cut into cubes. After 10 min put some fresh basil switch off everything. Meanwhile, cook the gnocchi in salted water and after cooking in the sauté pan with the tomatoes and basil, adding mozzarella cubes. Finally, a sprinkling of basil and it seems to me

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